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2016 Cabernet Sauvignon the girls in the vineyard

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon
the girls in the vineyard

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About 2016
And finally ... there was rain. Just enough and at the right time - winter. We are still in a drought, but I swear I thought I saw those vines dancing a bit when the water starting falling from the sky.

Some words about the girls
These girls love northern California.  What’s not to love? Days of lingering sunshine, nights of cool breezes, beautiful vistas in every direction.  As the beach boys sang “wish they all could be California girls”.

What the girls look and smell like
They look like a lovely rich and elegant garnet. And the smell is a blend of cassis, current and the deepest darkest cherry.  Before you give up the aroma for taste a dash of clove will also reveal itself.

What the girls feel like
You know how a silk scarf can just slip from your shoulder unexpectedly. This middleweight wine delivers glide-from-your-shoulder silkiness.  This is not an accident.  The feeling in your mouth is just a prelude to taste. 

What the girls taste like
Cassis and bramble fruit with a hint of Mother Earth and sufficient cocoa to make it interesting.  It tastes like cabernet.  Nuanced and satisfying, you will not be disappointed in flavors that pour out of this bottle. 

Matchmaking the girls
Like a classic cashmere sweater, our girls go with everything. Successful matches have included the classics like steak, or less conventional red wine fare like spicy Thai prawns .

  • Alcohol 13.9%
2016 Chardonnay the girls in the vineyard

2016 Chardonnay
the girls in the vineyard

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We didn't want to make a Chardonnay. We felt the world was filled with excellent Chardonnays and White Burgundies and we really had nothing to say about it.  Then we fell in love with some beautiful fruit that just happened to be Chardonnay. Then we fell in love with another vineyard of fruit that just happened to be Chardonnay. Finally, we blended those two together and well ...we made a Chardonnay. And a Chardonnay we are proud to call a girl.

Crisp notes of apple and honeydew with a touch of mineral in the middle palate and a finish with richness that lingers. 

2017 Sauvignon Blanc the girls in the vineyard

2017 Sauvignon Blanc
the girls in the vineyard

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A girl's-eye view:
One hour north of Napa, Lake County is a lovely place for the girls to grow up and flourish. Abundant sunshine warms our mornings and afternoons, replacing the pleasant cool of the evenings and nights. The vineyard is an ancient river bed with gravely soil the girls call home. 

What the girls look like:
A pale straw yellow that reminds us of Languedoc sunflowers or the mustard that brightens the valleys of California's wine country every spring. 

What the girls smell like:
A bowl of July's freshest fruit with a touch of minerality. 

What the girls feel like:
That same feeling of riding your bike to a river and dipping your legs over a dock into the circling eddies below even if you're wearing your best Sunday dress. It is refreshing and alive and especially memorable for anyone over 21. So put on crisp linens or cut-off jeans and enjoy a distinct yet delicate white wine experience that can be enjoyed and shared. 

What the girls taste like:
Citrus and the crispness of fresh cut pineapple that finishes with a bit of lemongrass and fig. 

Matchmaking the girls:
When it comes to romancing food, these girls pair up without a lot of fuss or prep time. Our girls have pretty varied tastes so they'll confidently befriend a variety of appetizers, entrees and culinary adventures. If it is something you might squeeze a lemon on, you can enthusiastically introduce it to Sauvignon Blanc. Think crab cakes, smoked salmon, stuffed oysters or lightly sauced chicken. You could even try some Caribbean with a little Bob Marley. Whether in your home, poolside, or perched on a cafe table downtown, you'll find that the girls in the vineyard are very flexible and ready to animate any occasion. 

the girls in the vineyard, raise a glass and your expectations.

  • Alcohol 13.9%
  • Appellation Lake County
2014 The Field Blend  the girls in the vineyard

2014 The Field Blend
the girls in the vineyard


Some words about the girls:
Under the guidance of famed viticulturist Steve Matthiasson, The Windmill Vineyard in Dunnigan Hills was planted to four white Rhone varietals, with the intention of producing a true Field Blend. The fruit was whole bunch pressed and then fermented in neutral French oak. Each individual barrel was left unstirred to age sur lie until bottling in March 2015.

A girl's eye view:
The Windmill Vineyard, like most of the Dunnigan Hills AVA, is lovely, rolling hills with gentle breezes and a Mediterranean climate that is the envy of most. Freezing is seldom a concern for these girls and long, warm days allow for even ripening and an abundance of flavors to develop.

What the girls look like:
The color is golden and looks like the flesh of a ripe green apple. Along the edges a straw colored hue bounces against the light.

What the girls smell like:
An intoxicating bouquet of summer flowers with ripe apricot and honey. If your nose lingers a bit longer you will pick up citrus and a blush of herbal tea.

What the girls feel like:
Remember your first love...exciting, enchanting and endless possibilities? This wine feels new and different after each swallow.  Just when you think you have it figured will delight you with something new. Hold it in your mouth and feel it tickle and change to a finish that is long and elegant.

What the girls taste like:
Lemon and mineral, apricot and peach, orange blossom and spice.

  • Alcohol 13.1%
  • Appellation Dunnigan Hills