Like words, wine can convey a great many meanings. The complexity of our wine comes from embracing the art of blending... layering vintages, vineyards & varietals to obtain luscious flavor. The result is a thousand stories, but only one message... Enjoy our wine for what it is, an expression of the land that grew it and the hands that have touched it.

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The Messenger Red Wine Number Two  Lot # 814

The Messenger Red Wine Number Two
Lot # 814


Glorious Grenache is juicy, delicate and very fragrant. The Syrah is a precision wine that leads the Grenache around your palate in a brilliantly choreographed parade. The wildcard is the stunning Zinfandel - ripe & juicy and a wonderful complement to the Rhone varieties. Mourvedre provides a hint of tarry spiciness and a dollop of cold fermented Viognier works beautifully with the aromatics of the Grenache and Syrah. The result is a medium bodied wine with a bright, juicy outlook that will leave you longing for another glass.

43% - Grenache
28% - Syrah
25% - Zinfandel
 3% - Mourvedre
 1% - Viognier

  • Alcohol 14.2%

  • Gold & Chairman's Best of Class
    Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Competition

  • Gold
    Dallas Morning News Competition

  • Gold
    Rhone Shootout

  • Exceptional
    Dan Berger